DRinkwater uit OPpervlaktewater Landbouwkundig gebruik Evaluatie Tool


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DROPLET is the acronym for "DRinkwater uit OPpervlaktewater Landbouwkundig gebruik Evaluatie Tool". For the nine Dutch surface water abstraction points for drinking water production it calculates the expected pesticide concentration after Good Agricultural Practice. DROPLET uses the edge-of-field concentration in the FOCUS D3 ditch as a starting point for its calculation (with spray drift deposition according to the Dutch Drift Table and not the FOCUS Drift Calculator).

abstraction point for drinking water production

Next, pesticides flow from the edge-of-field ditch to the abstraction points situated in larger water bodies downstream. On their way towards the abstraction points, the concentration is reduced by pesticide dissipation processes and inflow from water not containing pesticides. The concentration reduction is calculated with the aid of intake area and pesticide specific factors:
  • the ratio of the relevant crop area and the entire intake area
  • the market share of the pesticide
  • the difference in timing of applications
  • degradation and volatilization and in some cases
  • additional dilution by a lake or incoming river

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